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Meet PT Capital: The Company Behind Peter Tosh’s Cannabis Brand

Javier Hasse , Benzinga Staff Writer    

Meet PT Capital: The Company Behind Peter Tosh's Cannabis Brand

PT Capital is the company behind SEEN, the global Peter Tosh cannabis brand.

According to CEO Brian Latture,the brand echoes Tosh’s core values in that it’s all about consistent quality and control over profitability,

“Profit is not the number one priority of PT Capital,” Latture told Benzinga. The company, founded in 2016, donates 10% of net profits to the Peter Tosh Foundation, which supports humanitarian causes Tosh would have endorsed.

“Peter Tosh is the most authentic representative of a movement for the legalization of cannabis,” added PT Capital founding member Steven Trenk. “Tosh committed his life for the benefit of humanity, for freedom and human rights. He gave his life in pursuit of his commitment to the cannabis plant and the rights of all to realize its medicinal, spiritual and social benefits.”

Awarded a 501(c)3 designation, the Peter Tosh Foundation exists to serve as a mechanism for nurturing the next generation of cannabis champions. It is committed to supporting youth education and empowerment, advocating for cannabis education and legalization, and raising awareness around social justice and civil rights issues worldwide.

PT Capital is also a family business. Latture and Trenk head up the firm alongside president Niambe McIntosh, the daughter of Peter Tosh.

“Unlike our competitors we do not come to it as merely a business venture, but as fulfillment of my father’s prophecy to ‘legalize it’ and allow people to experience the medicinal and spiritual benefits of cannabis,” McIntosh said.

Where did the name SEEN come from?

Business Development advisor Greg Okun said Tosh often used the term “SEEN” to intensify a point.

In fact SEEN is a common word in Jamaican Patois. It usually stands for “do you understand what I am saying?” or “true.”

The term SEEN resonates as Tosh “truly envisioned the future of cannabis as a means to global healing,” Okun added.

“As a seminal figure fighting for marijuana legalization, Tosh’s efforts gave birth to today’s multi-billion dollar global industry in a way no other can claim,” he said. “In addition to SEEN’s cannabis products, PT Capital is able to leverage historical significance, authenticity, and grow a lifestyle brand incorporating music, merchandise and properties.”

For Latture, the SEEN brand is the “pinnacle of legalized cannabis brands, as Peter Tosh’s vision of legalization and stance on equal rights are now being realized in certain parts of the world.”


PT Capital still needs to remain profitable to continue to exist and support charitable causes.

This is where the firm’s experienced management team comes in. Latture has over thirty years in the entertainment industry as a manager and intellectual property consultant.

“The experience achieved in selling millions of recorded compositions commercially is being adapted to legally sell quality cannabis products,” he said.

Okun has decades of experience in sales, marketing, and management. He also boasts cannabis industry experience, having served as vice president for cannabis company Caligold, a company acquired by High Hampton Holdings Corp. (CSE: HC) (FSE: 0HCN) in 2018.

“I use my experiences at a myriad of levels, including retailer alignment, to preserve Tosh’s legacy. My work with PT Capital is as a cannabis advisor, which includes developing SEEN’s go-to market strategies, such as reggae integrations, with our partners,” he said.

So far, PT Capital has been privately funded, but this might change in the future.

“Currently we are flowing like water and shall reach an opportunity to expand our flow. Our short-term focus is distributing quality, full spectrum CBD products at a competitive price point,” Latture said.

The Future  

Unlike many cannabis companies focused solely on the U.S. market, PT Capital has international ambitions. The team wants to reach every U.S. state and country where cannabis is legal.

“We remain open to opportunities as legislation and antiquated treaties change. This is a marathon and not a sprint,” Latture said.

Okun added, “Without question, PT Capital is interested in expanding in Jamaica.This is Tosh’s birthplace, the mecca for reggae, Rastafarian culture and it is known for growing some of the best herb worldwide,” he said.

In addition to Jamaica, the U.S. and Canada, PT Capital is looking at Mexico, South America, Israel, and Germany, Trenk continued.

Calling for federal legalization in the U.S. and around the globe, McIntosh concluded, “federal legalization would take some of the confusion out of the industry and allow retailers of cannabis to operate without fear of flouting an arbitrarily enforced law at the whim of a political official.

“We are excited to launch our hemp products internationally, which gives us time to educate consumers and prime the pump in the legal markets.”

Photo by Peter Simon.

POSTED ON: May 25th, 2017

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