Peter Tosh exploded onto the world stage as an activist and solo artist with his 1976 release, Legalize It! Tosh worked to promote the legalization of herb, equal rights, and to expand Jamaica’s cultural and musical influence. Peter was no stranger to oppression in his homeland and knew the fight for legalization and equal rights well. His music served as a catalyst for a generation to fight for what they believed in.

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Peter Tosh
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Promoting #petertosh #420 in Denver in April, love the fans because they really love Grandpa and in return I'm getting all that love. #love is all we need Dre Tosh #toshblood #tosh #family #lifestyle #reggae #lives on.
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Peter Tosh
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“Music was created as a school-room of awakening, but people commercialize it & utilize it for their benefit within… 20 36
Peter Tosh
“Music was created as a school-room of awakening, but most people commercialize it and utilize it for their benefit within their society.” - Peter Tosh. How have Tosh’s words enlightened you?
Peter Tosh
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Peter Tosh
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Peter Tosh
“Tosh appears on the cover of ‘Equal Rights’ in a Che Guevara-style beret and sunglasses. It's all part of a militant persona that has led [reggae archivist] Steffens to describe Bob Marley as reggae's Martin Luther King and Tosh as ...

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