Peter Tosh exploded onto the world stage as an activist and solo artist with his 1976 release, Legalize It! Tosh worked to promote the legalization of herb, equal rights, and to expand Jamaica’s cultural and musical influence. Peter was no stranger to oppression in his homeland and knew the fight for legalization and equal rights well. His music served as a catalyst for a generation to fight for what they believed in.

The Movement

Peter Tosh
Reggae Classics, a playlist by Spotify
Get down to some Reggae Classics.
Classic Reggae tracks from Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Toots & The Maytals, and many more... Photo: Bunny Wailer
Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day by not giving up the fight.

“I don't want no peace. I need equal rights & jus…
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Peter Tosh
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“I don't want no peace.
I man need equal rights and justice.
I got to get it, equal rights and justice.
I really need it, equal rights and justice.
Just give me my share, equal rights and justice.” - Peter ...
Peter Tosh
On the ‘Pulse’ for 37 years - Entertainment - Jamaica Observer Mobile
"One of our most recent ventures is the Peter Tosh Museum, which we opened late last year. The impact of that venture was immediate. This past Christmas holiday had some really great days with tours being more than the staff ...
Peter Tosh
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“Peter has chosen his scene, his band and his music very carefully. And he's done an amazing job putting it all together.” - Keith Richards
#PeterTosh chose his scene, his band and his music very carefully. And he's done an amazing job putting it all tog… 16 35
Peter Tosh
Listen to Donald Kinsey talking about his work with Peter Tosh, touring with The Rolling Stones, dancing at Mick Jagger‘s birthday party, and more!
Northwest Indiana based news, culture, sports and educational audio and video from 89.1FM, The Lakeshore (NPR) ...
Peter Tosh
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"It was my mother's idea for me to play piano 'cause she could see I was gifted with music so she tried to motivate me by sending me to school. In six months the book I was learning in I ...

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Peter Tosh

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