We are so grateful for this past journey. It has made us all so much stronger and wiser, and has united us in a way that no other experience could. Love is the foundation of life. And when faced with death, it is love and understanding that liberates the soul. For even though the flesh may fade, the Spirit lives on Forever. 

Jawara, you are a true soldier and we are blessed to have you as a son, a brother, a father, and a friend. Please hug and kiss our ancestors for the family. Your legacy lives on through your children, Jahzarah, Jeremaiah, Nazare, and Azariah. 

I would also like to thank all of those that contributed to the day-to-day well being of Jawara. We give thanks to the Almighty for being in control. Our mom, Melody, the fiercest mom anyone could ever ask for. You spread your wings around Jawara with unwavering Love and Protection. Jawara’s wife, Letia, showed us true love and dedication. Sister Tobi, made sure that he stayed well groomed and appreciated. Cousin Melo for the warrior spirit that kept us all strong during the most difficult of times. Jawara’s 9 siblings and family who provided continued love and support. Brian, who made sure that we could focus on Jawara’s healing while he took care of everything else. Cousin Shirkim, whohelped care for Tosh from the moment Jawara came home from the hospital to the moment his spirit transitioned. Cousin Ashanti who held Jawara down and cared for him without hesitation. Jawara’s brother from a higher power, Give Lyfe, who always showed up when Jawara needed him the most. Auntie Flo who assured that Jawara had the best holistic care and diet. And the nurses that became family, Rose, Greg, and Sabina. We are also so grateful for all of the Tosh children in Boston. Jawara’s children and nieces truly gave us all the strength to care for Tosh Daily. Their patience and young wisdom has been remarkable. 

And many thanks to all the family, friends, and fans that kept us in your prayers and contributed in your own special way. Much Love. 
We are all a much stronger and closer community. 
-Jah Guide – 


Within the Rastafari faith marijuana is a sacramental and sacred herb and has many known medicinal properties and values. Jawara has consistently used his own voice as an advocate for legalization, speaking at events like the Freedom Rally in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as in front of the New Jersey State House.

Unfortantely, on February 21, 2017, Jawara McIntosh, son of legendary reggae artist Peter Tosh, was beaten into a coma, sustaining severe traumatic brain injuries while in the custody of Bergen County Jail in New Jersey while serving a six-month sentence for cannabis-related charges.

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